Overbridge will be unveiling its new RollDVR module at ICE USA 2017 Booth 133.   RollDVR captures system events and machine process points with automatic determination of roll start and end boundaries.  RollDVR's point and click visualization replay provides the tool for ease of analysis, roll to roll comparison, and knowledge base creation.   

Converting Reality

Manufacturing execution platform and components for converters.

The converting industry today has become more dynamic, sophisticated, and competitive than ever before.  Product requirements change, the need for line process evidentiary data is commonplace, the use of in-line process instrumentation is becoming the norm, raw material availability fluctuates, commodity prices increase, and the list goes on... In order to maximize and maintain a competitive edge in the converting business, you need the right process management tools.  Overbridge Technology's Converting Reality™ is a platform and suite of modular components that deliver on this.

The Converting Reality™ platform exposes process data at its lowest level. Once exposed, the modular software components visualize, analyze, historicize, integrate, and manage the data. Due to our modular component approach and standardized platform, deliverables are scaled for an optimized solution, the cost is based on only what components are required for the project at hand.   

For over 20 years, the principals at Overbridge Technology have been developing process management systems for enterprises that produce, convert, or consume roll based substrates. During this time, our software components and systems have processed literally millions of rolls. You can have confidence that our subject matter expertise of converting, combined with our in-depth knowledge of control automation and information technology will result in the right solution for your needs.  


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